To keep the kids excited for the holidays and Christmas festivities this list of cool stocking stuffer ideas are perfect for school going kid as they are appropriate to carry to school. We all have grown up playing with Lego blocks and I really like that they also come in the form of a block tape and completely compatible with Mega blocks, Kreo and others. They are bendable, washable and removable. Let’s your child show come creativity and build some masterpieces anywhere. They come in some bright colors and your kids can take them this to school too, absolutely no restrictions. Give your kids its sweet treat an organic lollipop made with natural dye and with unique flavors of peach, Rosemary , Mint and Marigold and the stick of the lollipop contains a seed that your child can plant and watch them grow to a beautiful flower or a herb, this is such a thoughtful sweet treat he will ever have.

If your kid is crazy about the compound then this Orb slimy Keychain is for him. This comes with a non-sticky gooey slime that’s stored in a clear ghost shaped container and with the clip he can hang it to his backpack. It such a fun for him. Pretend Animal plays set are so school appropriate gift for the kids. This will sure make them smart in making up stories and interact with their friends a lot more with this realistic looking animals. color sets whether its water based, pencils or sketch pens all are welcome and there is never enough of this colors, kids keep losing them and this color sets are so useful for them. Many kids prefer coloring activities in their past time so you can get them some fun coloring books. You get some amazing deals and kits during the holiday season so stock up some. They make a very cool gift to kids at any time. Heard about the collapsible water bottle? They are so much fun and its sure going to fit their pockets once the water is over. You can write their name and completely safe no water spillage. Those bright colors will sure attract your kids and am sure they will love to carry the bottle with them anytime. For school going kids you can always get the pencil holders or the pouches but make sure they are funky and cool at the same time. These are very useful to carry the stationary and I find some really nice pouches of different characters. You must have heard your kid talking about the Droids, yes they are so cool. These molds will let your child make six iconic Star War Shapes. Perfect for the boys who just love the R2-D2, the C-3PO characters and love to create all by them. This is such a fun gift they will love to receive. The Nom Nom lip gloss so girly and your little girls will use it quite often.